Employee Spotlight: Han Yang

My name is Han, and I'm a Systems Engineer at DMC. One of my favorite
things at DMC is the mentors. They guide you and at the same time they give
you freedom and responsibility for you to handle the projects. There's also
a million nice things to learn from them; their technical experiences,
their customer relationship experiences.

I really liked a production line. I worked for a big confections company.
Doing a production line, I feel like I can see how the work I do every day
actually turned out to something real in life. And next time when I see
those candies in the supermarkets, I can think that it maybe came from the
production line that I worked on. And it's just really cool.

I like random programs but sometimes I play with my lap at home just to
handle some statistics. CEE is my favorite program language. I really
like to go to the lake. It's not nice right now, but on a nice afternoon,
just grab a couple of snacks and then a book or a Kindle, and then just sit
on the stairs by the lake, and you can just spend an afternoon there.

And then after that you just walk to Broadway or Clark to meet your friends
at the bars and restaurants and spend the nights. That's like a perfect

I'm really excited for the auto company meeting coming up. That's for
cooking. I really enjoy cooking, and I really want to see how this one
turns out to be. I like all kinds of cooking. I'm trying more Italian stuff
right now.

We did a trip to Lumaale, I think, last year for the Chinese New Year. I
think a lot of people at DMC liked it. I like the Field Museum that you can
go through the whole museum in one trip, so there's always new stuff to see