Employee Spotlight: Spencer Glesmann

My name is Spencer Glesmann. I work at DMC, I've worked here for two years and I am a systems engineer. What I like about working at DMC is everything. I like the variety of work. I like the people I work with. I like the difficulty. 

My favorite programming language is .NET C#, because it's the best. It's programming the way it should be. 

I like to sail. Sailing is fun. I've been sailing since I was eight or nine. Senior year in high school, with my summer job, I was also trying to get pilot lessons. Yes, I can fly planes and I can sail boats. I've always liked flying. I think flying and sailing are very similar. Sailing is just two dimensional flying and flying is like three dimensional sailing. 

I like to cook a lot. I like chili. Chili is good. And Barbacoa, like what you get at Chipotle. 

DMC is absolutely my favorite place in Chicago.