Company Events

DMC Holiday Party 2013

Courtney Mitchell: The holiday party was great. DMC is getting so big. It was nice to see everybody in one room with everybody's significant others.  

Jason Mayes: I was a member of the party planning committee, or the PPC, as we like to call it. This year we booked out the Signature Room in the Hancock Building, so we were on the 95th floor. Great views of downtown.  

Alex Krejcie: Getting to see the city at night was really cool, and trying to figure out where we lived and where our office was.  

Jason Mayes: Favorite part, I think, was trivia. I'm a big 80s movie and music fan, so we got a pretty good selection of 80s trivia questions to take part in.  

Courtney Mitchell: The view may have been my favorite part.  

Otto Gottlieb: The scene... I don't know, Chicago at night from that high was awesome.  

Courtney Mitchell: Food was pretty good… really good. And the drinks were great.  

Otto Gottlieb: I'm not used to having a four-course meal with people waiting on me, and constantly pouring wine into my glass. That was ridiculous.  

Courtney Mitchell: They made me salmon and lentils with no anything. And then some, like, awesome shrimp instead of that risotto… so good…  

Jeremy Green: I definitely liked the Mario Kart racing. That was a good touch. I didn't really expect that.