All Day Company Meeting 2014

Simon Healey:     For our All Day Company Meeting we went to a space in Bucktown where we did a little bit of sales brainstorming, and activities in the morning and then some cooking in the afternoon.

Chris Vasquez:     This one was my first all day company meeting. It was a really fun experience. 

Jimmy Condon:     It was nice to get out of the office and eat some delicious food. 

Chris Vasquez:     For the first part of the day we worked on sales meetings and cross selling. 

Jimmy Condon:     Then we had a keynote speech from Ken.

Megan Lentine:     We got into a lot of cool sales action. We had a few really good brainstorms. 

Jimmy Condon:     After that then we did DMC elevator pitches.

Megan Lentine:     I think it's tough for people to think on their toes, but I think when you prepare first you can have a really good elevator pitch. That's why it was great for us to take the time to really think about it.

Simon Healey:     I think it was good to think about different ways that we can be efficient in the sales process and different ways to network with people. 

Jimmy Condon:     That took us to lunch. We went downstairs and started cooking.

Chris Vasquez:     The cooking aspect was really fun. We all had different stations that we had to work on. My favorite food, personally, was the bacon wrapped dates.

Megan Lentine:     Fish tacos.

Simon Healey:     Smoked salmon wrap.

Megan Lentine:    Coconut fried shrimp.

Chris Vasquez:     Apple pie strudel thing.

Jimmy Condon:     Thai chicken.

Megan Lentine:     Butternut squash quesadillas.

Simon Healey:     Tomatoes, vegetables, all kinds of things.

Megan Lentine:     I was like yum-yum give me some. It was delicious.

Simon Healey:     All Day Company Meeting days are a good way to just kind of get away from the normal project work and just kind of get out of the office for a little bit and spend some time with your co-workers.

Megan Lentine:     It was great to think and brainstorm and be with people in a unique environment outside of our own daily unique environment at DMC.