Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Green

I'm Jeremy Green. I'm a systems engineer here. I've been working at DMC for about a year and a half. One of my favorite things about working at DMC, as opposed to other software companies, is that we get a lot of responsibility, and get that aspect of the customer interaction from the initial contact with a customer, we're working with them through the specification and development phase. Then, we actually get to go on-site where we're deploying our projects and actually see all of this code that we've written in action, through the entire project life cycle.

Favorite programming language? Right now, it's probably LabVIEW, because I'm using it the most, as you can see on the screen behind me. It's a graphical programming language. It's a very high level, very powerful, object oriented language. My hobbies outside of DMC are probably doing athletic things, sports or running. Right now I'm participating in the DMC soccer league, which is a lot of fun. We have a group of us from the office that will play once a week. I'm also into running, and, also with DMC, we get to do that together. We had the Shamrock Shuffle a few weeks ago, which is another fun event to do downtown. Another hobby I have outside of DMC is playing the piano, and I've been doing that for most of my life. I also get to participate in the DMC band a couple of times a year at our company events.

My favorite project is one where I worked on a 3D vision inspection system for one of our customers. This customer makes high end electrical connectors, where they want to verify the heights of the pins within a tolerance of 0.1 millimeters. So, when I did this project, I learned a whole bunch about image acquisition, image analysis, and these Keyence lasers, which is a very cool technology to work with. It's also been very challenging, so it's my favorite, but it's also been very challenging as well.