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DMC Carnival Party Recap

Ryan Taylor: This year's carnival party was pretty awesome. We had fire breathers. We had a reptile handler, a snake handler and lots of deep fried things to snack on.

Megan Lentine: My absolute favorite highlight was getting my face painted and seeing everybody's faces painted. That was amazing. That woman was super talented.

Grant Anderson: We even deep fried some cheese curds, which being from Wisconsin, was a nice touch.

Courtney Mitchell: The carnival party was such a blast. We had everything. We had live bands, fire breathers, a juggler, a balloon animal artist, a face painter and a whole kids section with lots of games. We had a seven foot boa constrictor and a legless lizard, which was probably my favorite.

Megan Lentine: Yes, I had a great time at the DMC Spring Carnival. It was my first spring party for DMC and probably the best party that I've ever been to for a company party. It was very over the top. Every time I tell stories of snakes and fire breathers my friends can't believe that's what a company does for a company party, so yes, I was impressed for my first DMC company party.

I really liked seeing all of the bands from DMC: Ryan's band, then Eric and Ashley played, and Kathryn and Grant played. That was fun to see them in action.

Grant Anderson: We had various carnival games. Someone had set up a Wii in one of the rooms. We had a guy going around doing balloon animals and balloon swords. We had a face painter.

Courtney Mitchell: Great food and lots of deep fried food. There was a big variety of people here just having a great time. It was perfect weather hanging out on the roof. It was a really good time.