Employee Spotlight: Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson, Systems Consultant. I'm basically the Network Administrator here, but I also do consulting work as well for the SharePoint team and Office 365 deployments as well. I'm always busy, fast-paced environment. 

The DMC carnival that we had recently was a lot of fun. My welcome party was a blast as well. We went bowling. 
So right now, I'm getting into Office 365 deployments, so email migrations are my bread and butter right now. I had an after-hours projects where basically I took a domain controller and converted it to a virtual. All of our file services go through this server. It was an overnight project. I got to go into the late hours here, but it was a lot of fun, being that it was successful and not too many complaints the next day, which is always good. So probably internally, that was my favorite project here so far. 

Carmine's on Rush, I actually proposed to my wife. We went out to dinner there, and I proposed in front of Buckingham Fountain. 

I am a big golfer and basketball player. I'm in a summer league right now for basketball. Golf, would play every day if I didn't work and if my wife let me. 

We're getting ready to open a new office in Denver. We're simulating the office here in Chicago to make sure that all the systems are running correctly, which they are, and it was a little hectic getting all the parts and everything that we needed in hardware-wise, but everything is working good right now.