Employee Spotlight: Megan Lentine

I'm Megan Lentine, Sales Coordinator at DMC. I am in a new role at DMC that never existed before me. I help people with the sales process from the beginning of taking a lead from an 

incoming call or a web hit, and keeping track of it. Making sure that the right person is following up, and then from sending out proposals all the way to when we get a PO. Keeping 

track of everything and making sure that anything that people don't know how to do I help them do it. 

I like the people at DMC the most of every thing that I do here. Different than any people that I've ever worked with before. Super, super smart people but also very willing to help 

out and really fun, really funny, I have a good time at work because of the people.

I like food a lot so I like to cook for fun. I like to go to farmer's markets, I like to go out to eat. I like anything revolving around food for sure. I like to be creative and 

take classes to learn new artistic things. The most recent class that I took was Leather rafting 101 at the Chicago School of Shoemaking, and I made a leather flowered headband, and 

it's amazing and I love it.

This year at DMC I was in charge of Bike to Work Week. I was a team leader through the Chicago initiative to get people to bike to work more. The best social event that I did at DMC 

was I went camping. We went to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, which is unbelievable to me that DMC sponsored that activity. We went into tiny little spaces and caves, it was super 

scary. I was frightened beyond belief, but with everybody's support we did it. Then we had fun camping, hanging out, eating, drinking, just hanging out in the forest. It was super 


DMC is different for the environment. It's just super fun, super casual. The actual office that we work in everyday in Chicago is very fun with a fully stocked kitchen, a ping pong 

table. It's just really a chill place to hang out, wear whatever you want, feel relaxed. It's just a really cool environment here. And then I also think it's supportive more so than 

a lot of places that I've worked in the past, just the people here make it really great to learn, and grow from a smaller company into new opportunities that exist here.