DMC Boston Engineering Services Commerical

Hi, I'm Dan, and I work for DMC. What does DMC stand for? Who knows at this point? But basically we provide engineering services on pretty much any platform you can think of. 

Any platform? Yeah, pretty much. Our engineers any good? Nah. Our engineers are f****** great. 
Each of our engineers goes through a rigorous selection process and is at the top of their class. Their solutions are so bulletproof even a baby could use them. 

And do you like wasting all of your time and money while some schmuck with a laptop struggles to solve your problem? Half of his time is spent on Google and pinging the machine. I'm good at ping pong. 
And do you really think you can continue to get by putting Band-Aids on solutions and using outdated technology? What is this? The Wild West? Hi ho, Sully! 

So stop spinning your wheels with solutions that don't work and let us write a program for you. And Adnaan and I will ship it right out to you. 

So stop delaying your projects each month and start thinking about all the time we're going to save you. We are DMC, and the party is on.