Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Matt Goedke

My name is Matt Goedke and I'm a systems engineer here, at DMC. I mostly work on embedded projects and I also do a little bit of LabVIEW. My favorite part about working at DMC is everyday we have to solve a lot of really complicated challenges. I get to do that with a lot of really awesome people around here. So, it's really rewarding to be able to tackle something complicated, but to be able to succeed and show that you've accomplished something at the end. 

My favorite project, I think, we worked with a company that makes temperature loggers. And, we helped them develop a touch screen tablet that displays and graphs all the temperature data. It was a really challenging project. It had a lot of different parts like internet and LCD display and battery power. And, I really didn't think we were capable of all that. But, it was really cool to see us, sort of, meet those expectations and to show what we could really do. 

My favorite event that I attended at DMC. We went to Headquarters Beercade for a welcome party. That was just a really cool place and it was awesome to go with everyone from the office and just play a bunch of retro video games. I like the classic Galaga. And then, I think we also played NBA Jam. That was kind of a throwback to when I was younger, so. 

One of my favorite places in Chicago is the Revolution Tap Room. I really like craft beer, so, and their food's really good there. So, I love going there. I love going to new places and trying their beer. When I'm not at work, I like to do a lot of projects around the house. I like to work with my hands. It's kind of nice, a change of pace from when you're doing a bunch of coding here on a computer. So, I think my new project is going to be to make a knife for myself. So, it's going to be a lot of woodworking and metalworking. And, I think it's going to be a good challenge. I've never done it before. 

When I was younger, I always used to just tinker with things. My dad was a programmer by trade. So, I was building computers from when I was very young. So, I always knew I wanted to do something kind of technical. And, when I got into college, I found I had a real passion for just solving problems and getting stuff done. So, that lead right into engineering. My favorite programming language is probably C. It's what I spend most of my time doing. But, it's also kind of difficult. You really have to think about good coding practices. And, it's not as nice as some of the newer languages. But, I think it makes you a good programmer, if you can really do it well.

What I'm looking forward to most is all the things I don't know about yet that are going to happen this year. All the new projects that I haven't even heard about yet and getting to work on them. And, just facing all those new challenges and doing stuff that I've never done before.