Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Ferrigno

My name's Kevin Ferrigno. I am a Senior Project Engineer here at DMC. I work primarily on industrial automation projects.

My favorite part about working at DMC would be the people. The people at DMC are great, they’re fun to work with, they have a lot of energy, they're fun 

to hang out with after work. Just a great group of people to be around, to work with, bright confident, smart, motivated. 
One of my favorite projects at DMC was working on a series of crystal growth harnesses and we got to use a really unique software architecture for that. 

So we got to program it a little bit in PLC, a little bit in C++ and a little bit using Dot Net. And just the combination of all those technologies has 

made it a really challenging, but fun project.
My favorite programming language is probably C++, just because I like the flexibility. It's probably the first real powerful programming language I 

learned to use. Before I came to DMC I've worked for about 15 years in industrial automation. I've worked as a machine builder. I've worked as a controls 

vendor and as a systems integrator. So I've been on different sides of the industry and I think that's given me the ability to understand better what our 

customers want when it comes to a control system, and what their needs are, not only as we we're developing the project, but over the life cycle of that 

system. So in terms of support and maintenance, I have a better idea of what our customers need in the long term. 
So my biggest engineering hobby is sailing. There's a lot of engineering involved in setting the sails, and figuring out how to best capture the wind on 

a sail boat.
I'm a bit of a sports nut. I can watch probably just about any sport you can name on television, no matter how boring anybody finds it I'll find it 

interesting. And I'm a numbers math guy. I'm a little bit into the sports analytics and predicting performance and statistics and I usually randomly 

generate my brackets based on statistics, so some years that works out, some years it doesn't.
I love going biking on the bike path along the lake. It's one of my favorite things to do. I love taking my daughter to Oz Park, with all the statues of 

the Wizard of Oz characters around.
I think my favorite DMC social event of all time was the welcome party for the Hamburger Hop. Basically, they invited all these great chefs from around 

Chicago to come make fancy burgers and free drinks, and so we ate burgers and hang out and just had fun. It was a lot of fun.