Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Peter Rijks

My name is Peter Rijks. I'm an application developer at DMC on the Microsoft Consulting Services Team. I like the variety of project work I get to work on here. I like all the people I get to work with, lots of smart people. I've learned a lot since being here. Mostly I work on SharePoint related projects, custom SharePoint, plug-ins for customers, custom user interfaces for customers, but I also do just general .NET, C# programming for customers as well. I've been with a few projects that stand out. One was a WPF app for one of our customers that used a really neat plug-in model so that they can just add new plug-ins to the app as they go along, so we designed the architecture of how those plug-ins work for that app. So I learned a lot about some Microsoft technologies and made the customer really happy.

I love skiing. I run and bike whenever I can. This year I'm hoping to run on a team in a 200 mile relay race. I only do about 20 miles of that so. I like board games, exploring Chicago. I've only been here about a year, so it's still pretty new and fun. Before Chicago I was in Munich, Germany. There's more sun in Chicago, but it's colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. It's very different, I mean both of them are cities with a lot to do so there's that in common. Chicago has a lake, Munich has the Alps right around the corner, so it was easier to go skiing in Munich than it is here. We just had a holiday party, it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the all day company meeting scavenger hunt where I got to see a lot of Chicago and get to know some DMC people that I don't usually interact with. That was a lot of fun.