Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Adam Wojcik

My name is Adam Wojcik and I'm a Systems Engineer here at DMC. I've had this title for just over a year and a half now and it's good to be here. My favorite thing about working at DMC is both the people and the interesting nature of the work. The people always lend themselves to great and exciting and often a bit off-topic conversations, but that's all enjoyable. And the work here is always an interesting new problem, a new technology to pick up. It never gets stale. I have a lot of hobbies, but most of them involve creating things and experiencing new stories. So the stories, it's understandable. It's video games, books, new movies, and shows. But the creating things is whatever takes my fancy. So it could be anything from blacksmithing to sewing a new coat, which I wore in today, to picking out the 3D printer and trying some new designs out with that.

So the most interesting project I've worked on at DMC, so far, is a split between either the co-generation system where I ended up being able to turn on a giant engine running on natural gas, just wirelessly, by clicking a button on a tablet. That or it would have to be the deep fryer system we've been working on where we built up all the controls for an awesome piece of food technology, just from the ground up; from designing the hardware for it, to programming all the embedded logic, to making the screens. My favorite programming language right now is probably C++, but I'm trying not to play favorites. Because I keep picking up new languages and learning new things, so it's always a new lesson in how something works. It's been enough of an interesting journey that I don't think I could say I have an outright favorite. Maybe if I give it some time, though.

So I was raised on a steady diet of family hiking vacations. But in the time since, I've also taken pilgrimages to Rome, studied abroad in Australia, and even took a vacation to Indonesia. But I'm also excited to go on a family trip back to Poland and Greece, along the way, this summer.