DMC QuickTip #2: Sharing Files in OneDrive for Business

Hello and welcome to DMC's tutorial on how to share a file using OneDrive for Business. So within your personal OneDrive, you'll have your list of documents. What you'll do is you'll find the one that you want to share. You'll then select this ellipsis and click share. What this will do is launch a window which gives you a number of options. So what you can do is send an email to someone, whether it's internal or external. So I select Michael (that's a colleague of mine) and I can give Michael the ability to edit or view. I can also include a personal message, tell him "Hey Michael, please edit this". And then there are a number of options down here where I can require a sign-on, where he needs to log in with his Microsoft credentials, or I can just send him an email invitation and not require sign-in. Another way you can go about doing it is in the Get a Link section. With this, again, you have the option to give somebody the ability to just view or edit, and what you'll do is create a link, and then you can copy that link and paste it into a personal email. The third and final section is the Shared With section. So if you have a document that you've previously shared with somebody else, you'll see who's in there and you can either add to that list or remove people.