Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS)

Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS)

Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS)

Do you know who your confidential documents have been shared with?

From confidential agreements to classified emails, Azure Rights Management (RMS) protects your organization by controlling and securing how documents are accessed. RMS is included in Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite and is fully integrated with Office 365, Windows Server, and many third-party applications.
DMC's Microsoft Consulting Services team will integrate Azure Rights Management into your business processes to match your company's usage policies. We will help increase user adoption by training your employees to use RMS to protect sensitive and confidential documents.
  • Permissions granted on user identity and the ability to revoke access at any time. 
  • Granular control over document usage including duration of access.
  • Policy enforcement over specific actions and applications, such as copy/paste and print functions in Office.
  • Advanced document and email encryption.
  • Access logging to track when and where your documents are opened.

If you're ready to get started with Azure Rights Management, contact DMC.

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