DMC Tilt Table Demo

DMC's Tilt Table Demo

DMC Tilt Table Demo

DMC’s Tilt Table Demo uses a resistive touch screen to detect the position of the metal ball bearing on the screen. The analog position signals from the monitor are fed through a custom PCB that we designed and then into the controller. The controller is an NI cRIO with integrated FPGA and runs a LabVIEW program. At a rate of 1000 times per second, the cRIO performs a 2-dimention PID loop calculation to determine the appropriate tilt table angle. The cRIO FPGA program generates output pulses to command the three linear servo motors to move to the desired position. In the center of the system there is a Windows Embedded PC that runs a .NET WPF application that draws information on the touch screen display. Finally, an Android tablet connected over Wi-Fi displays the target and actual positions of the ball.

The demo encompasses many of the types of projects that we work on at DMC:

  • Complex Control / Automation
  • Motion Control 
  • HMI's
  • LabVIEW programming
  • .NET programming 
  • Android programming
  • Embedded OS's / Embedded programming 
  • Custom PCB design 
  • Networking (TCP/IP, UDP, Wi-Fi)

Watch our Tilt Table Demo in action!