Battery Production Test (BPT)

A modular, fully-automated test solution
designed to meet the needs of battery production test regimens — 
including today's industry standards and tomorrow's emerging requirements.

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System Overview

The DMC BPT is a fully automated, feature-rich, platform-based test solution designed to meet the needs of battery production test regimens, including today’s industry standards and tomorrow’s emerging requirements.


The DMC BPT is built with care and attention to the needs of all users and stakeholders in the production testing process:

Station Operation:
  • Simple and intuitive operator workflows ensure consistent and streamlined daily production operations
  • One station consolidates test cases commonly split across multiple stations for optimized cycle times and throughput
System Configuration
  • Highly Flexible and powerful test scripting/sequencing tools allow test engineers to design and adapt test procedures for evolving product requirements
Reliability / Maintainence
  • Advanced, integrated self-diagnostics save time for technicians and engineers by “testing the tester” to ensure integrity of all test runs and to triangulate any system maintenance needs
Test Data Insights
  • With centralized test data analytics designed in as a priority rather than an afterthought, test engineers can extract valuable manufacturing process and product insights from test results aggregated from facilities around the world, all from the comfort of their own desks
DMC's BPT test stand

Test Capabilities 


Assembly/Electrical Verification Tests
  • Pack Connection Verification
  • Ground Bond Test
  • Terminal Continuity / Resistance / Capacitance / Protection Verifications
  • Hipot - Insulation Test
  • Contactor Control Verification
  • High Voltage Interlock Verification
  • Fuse Path Verification
  • AC Internal Resistance Test
BMS Verification Tests
  • BMS Wake / Sleep Current Verification
  • CAN Bus Verification
  • Cell and Pack Voltages Reporting / Accuracy Verification
  • Pack Current / SOC Verification
  • Cell / Pack Temperatures Verification
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Check / Clear
  • Cell Balancing Verification
  • BMS Firmware Flashing / Calibration
  • BMS SW Version Verification
Power Capability Tests
  • DC Internal Resistance (DCIR)
  • Pre-Charge Contactor Functional Verification
  • Fuse Performance Test
  • Peak Power Test
  • Auxiliary / DCDC Power Output Verification
  • Outgoing SoC Pre-Shipment Test

DMC has been designing and building battery test equipment since 2008, and DMC’s BPT3 solution is the culmination of that domain knowledge and expertise. 


Our experience in pack, module, and BMS/BMU testing across the development & validation and production & rework testing phases of the battery lifecycle can add value and vision to your entire approach to battery testing.


DMC uses the same foundational Battery Test Platform modules to configure both validation (lab) and production (End-of-Line) test stations for our clients — magnifying NRE value and creating standardization across test domains.


BPT System Diagram



A Modular, Platform-Based Solution

DMC’s BPT Platform takes a compositional approach to battery testing, assembling collections of interconnectable hardware building blocks (including both COTS devices and DMC purpose built modules) to create modular, scalable full-scale test carts and stations.   


DMC has designed several common BPT models for standard battery test scenarios and can custom tailor a configuration anywhere on the capability spectrum to match your specific needs.


The DMC BPT Platform allows you to test your battery pack or battery module today, and be ready for the changes of tomorrow. With reliable battery test hardware based on a variety of standard rack-mount instruments and NI’s PXI and cDAQ platforms, you can readily expand your system for the evolving battery test needs of the future.

BPT Hardware Composition

DMC’s BPT Platform includes support for common battery cycler manufacturers and models, including NHR, Electro-Automatik, and more. Whether internal or external to your BPT test station, your battery cycler will be plug-and-play and swappable — thanks to the BPT’s flexible hardware abstraction layer and configurable software plugins. DMC can even expand your cycler capabilities using our BPT platform’s high-power switching, MUX, and connection modules.


Test Executive Software


Graphical user interfaceDescription automatically generated

DMC’s BPT Platform software allows users to quickly generate test sequences to validate battery production.  The platform abstracts the detailed intricacies of test into simple sequence step “building blocks” that Test Engineers can use without extensive programming knowledge.


  The Test Executive Software offers simple, intuitive user interfaces for operators, while providing ample flexibility and control for engineers to configure and customize the system for their needs.


 Have specific user interface requirements?  The BPT software is customizable to the exact end user experience and workflow your company needs.

The BPT’s plugin framework combined with a Hardware Abstraction allows for easy addition of new hardware or models of battery cyclers, power supplies, DMMs, and other instrumentation as your production scales and test requirements change.


Reduce your time spent managing multiples copies of test sequences by writing your test script once.  Use the abstraction layer to execute the same test script on different BPT test stations that connect to different types of battery cyclers.  Parameterize your test sequence to run the same test on two different batteries that have different cell configurations, test limits, or other parameters.


Graphical user interface, tableDescription automatically generatedTest with peace of mind by verifying test system integrity using the equipment’s Self-Diagnostics tool.  This feature can quickly identify equipment failures and provide your team the insights to act and reduce downtime.


Ensure proper testing and traceability with BPT’s workspace configuration management that provides a documented link between the input configuration files that go into test and the output data. Integrate with NI SystemLink to easily manage all your test assets and data in one central location.



Other notable application features:
  • LDAP Integration or local User Permissions
  • Integrable with MES
  • Custom process workflows
  • Continuous data acquisition and logging during test
  • Configurable device dashboards for low-level device diagnostics and control
  • Comprehensive system state diagrams show live displays of hardware state
  • Advanced User Interfaces
  • Integration with NI TestStand, and ability to integrate with NI VeriStand, NI SystemLink, and other NI products


The DMC BPT is highly customizable. Typical features come standard in our base BPT package, with plenty of additional feature options to configure your BPT solution to your specific needs. If you need a feature not listed, just ask! The answer is almost certainly “Yep we can do that!”

Feature Details

Feature or Module



System Structure

Half or Full Height Server Rack, Casters, Forklift Compatible / Reinforced Base, 120 VAC input power



High Performance Rack Mount PC, SSD, Windows OS


PC Peripherals

Dual Displays, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, System Restore Recovery Drive


Primary Instrumentation Chassis

NI PXI Chassis


Supporting Instrumentation Chassis

NI Compact DAQ Chassis


Medium Voltage Measurement Lines

Primary instrumentation measurements (300 VDC, 2 A)


High Voltage Measurement Lines

High Voltage instrumentation measurements (1000 VDC, 5 A)


Low Power Lines

Low Power device (source / load) integration (300 VDC, 5A)


Current Shunt Monitor Module

Continuous, high-speed monitor of Low Power lines (16-bit, 15 kS/s per ch)


Dry Contact Lines

Dry Contact Lines - source / return (300 VDC, 5 A)


Medium Power Module

Medium Power device integration (300 VDC, 30 A)


DUT CAN Integration Module

DUT CAN ports (HS / LS / FD), Broadcast CAN per Database, UDS, J1939, XCP / CCP, other protocols as required


Advanced DUT CAN Integration

Application Layer Protocols -  Unified Diagnostic Services, J1939, XCP / CCP, DUT flashing, security protocols, EEPROM writing, etc.


Hipot Test Module

0.2 kV to 5 kV DC or AC, 50 VA continuous, Insulation / Withstand testing


PXI Digital Multimeter

1000 VDC, +/-3A, 1.8 MS / sec, 7.5 Digit Resolution, Functions: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Diode


Programmable DC Power Supply

0-80 VDC, 0-28A (limited to 5A per Low Power Line), 750W total


Ground Bond Test Module

Instrumentation for medium current (~25A) ground bond verifications


ACIR Test Module

Instrumentation for performing ACIR measurements


High Power Contactor Box

Contactors for high power distribution from cycler to DUT


Ambient Environment Sensor

Ambient temperature / humidity sensor


Standardized DUT Connector

VPC ICON 160 pin connector, Duraline High Power Connectors


DUT Wiring Harnesses

Low power and high power harnesses between tester and DUT


Safety / Interlock System

Tester safety Interlock circuit, safety controller, Estops, remote interlock input/output for facility / equipment safety integration


Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner and associated system workflow integrations


Battery Cycler

DMC BPT integrates with any Cycler. Use your existing one, or DMC can recommend and include a new one to meet your power requirements


Test Control Application

DMC BPT Software Package: Automated Test Mode, Manual Test Mode, Device Driver Packages, Logging and Reporting, etc.


User Interfaces / User Workflows

DMC BPT GUIs for battery production test, workflows tailored per user role (operator, technician, test engineer, etc.), w/ enforced permissions


Test Sequencing Framework

NI TestStand


Advanced Self Diagnostics

Suite of automated self-diagnostic routines to help verify tester health and diagnose/isolate potential test system hardware faults


MES / Database Integration

Publish test results to client specific MES or hosted database


NI SystemLink Integration

Data Management, Test Asset Management, Automated Data Analysis Pipelines, Web Based Dashboards to Monitor Testers, etc.


Your Custom Requirements

DMC BPT is highly customizable. If you need a feature not listed, just ask!  The answer is almost certainly “Yep we can do that!”


Wherever your team is at in the process,
DMC can help.

Wherever your team is at in the process,
DMC can help.

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