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Embedded Controls for Networked Device

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DMC Monthly Update 
Volume 1, Issue 3
May 27, 2010


We compare Siemens and Allen Bradley function blocks, now we want you to comment and add your opinion! 
Explore DMC's SharePoint dashboard that tracks NWCR's Key Performance Indicators.
Embedded board design, documentation, and what you need to know to select the firm for you.  
Learn about the 3 types of planning to consider and ensure your SharePoint success.
Read about Jody's award-winning robot, outdoor adventures, and zombie-attired accomplishments. 
We want to know how you are using SharePoint. Please take a few moments and complete our short survey!
All respondents will be entered into a drawing and one lucky respondent will
win a Flip Video camera!     
30 Second Survey Results
Many businesses are reporting signs of an economic upswing.  How does the Q2 forecast look to you?
   0%  Record High
  33%  Sunny - Upswing
  67%  Mostly Sunny - Stable            
   0%  Chance of Showers - Decline
   0%  Category 5   
Watch Dan Freve's stepper motor play the classic Mario theme song! 
Check out our currently open
employment positions!
Monthly Geek Challenge
Devise and perform an experiment to determine the volumetric density of liquid water in the near-ground atmosphere during a hard rain.  Simply put, if you could freeze time and collect all of the liquid water in a 1 cubic meter box of atmosphere at eye level during a rain storm, how much liquid water would you have?   
We know that there is a lot of water vapor in the atmosphere during a rain storm, but we are only interested in the liquid amount.  While driving when wipers can barely keep up it seems there is a lot of liquid, but there is never so much that a person has a hard time breathing while standing in the rain. How would one quantify it?
Interesting responses will be discussed in next month’s newsletter.  The winner is the respondent who makes a reasonable measurement with the lowest total equipment cost. Submit your answers to