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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 3, Issue 7

September 13, 2012



Engineering Insight


Integrate SharePoint 2010 with CRM Online



National Instruments Real-Time Target Asset Management



Siemens S7-1200 Serial Communication










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Celebrate Oktoberfest at DMC

DMC's Oktoberfest party is back by popular demand! We hope you can join us for food, drinks, & fun. Prost!


October 11, 2012
4pm - 10pm

Use these links to easily RSVP:
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DMC on Campus this Fall


DMC will be back on campus this fall looking for stellar candidates to join our team!
Check out our 2012 recruiting schedule.



Employee Spotlight: Courtney Mitchell


What's a combination between a bike and a dog? Courtney's other favorite pastime - read on to find out!



LabVIEW User Group Meeting Recap


DMC recently hosted the Chicagoland LabVIEW Users Group meeting. Read on for Patrick's recap of the event.



Visit Our Office Through Video


DMC's video series invites you into our office. Visit our office and check out our lab spaces!



DMC Ping Pong Challenge


The London Olympics may be behind us, but employees at DMC are just beginning their Ping Pong Ladder Challenge!




Geek Challenge: Perfectly Random Puzzle

Four groups of 225 random 0’s and 1’s are presented.  One of these groups is perfectly random like a coin flip (although calculated from Excel’s RAND() function). The other three groups, while still random, have rules applied which make them not a pure coin flip. 


Can you spot the perfectly random sample?  
What methods do you use to spot it?


Submit your responses to