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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 5, Issue 3 | June 12, 2014

DMC Boston Party to be held at our Boston Office in Somerville, MA.
DMC Chicago Carnival Highlights
Between boa constrictors and fire breathers, it's hard to say what was the most spectacular.
DMC ranked #5 in Crain's Chicago Best Places to Work 2014.
DMC Will See You at the Summit
Heading to Orlando? Don't miss four Automation Summit presentations led by DMC.
DMC Engineer Johnny Sun demos low power modes of the LPC1788 Microcontroller.
DMC Boston Grand Opening
Step into DMC's Boston office for a look at an opening of grandly epic proportions.
DMC employee, Lyndon Spozhnik, shares his engineering and personal hobbies.
Spotlight Employee: Spencer Glesmann
Need a ride? Flying planes and sailing boats are a few of Spencer's favorite activities.
DMC Engineer Johnny Sun demos low power modes of the LPC1788 Microcontroller.
FedEx Day Projects Revealed
An Oculus Rift, GoPro Camera, and mOOnsters inspired new engineering ideas.
DMC Comics
Does the level of integration at the Math School Prom sound familiar to anyone?
The fun office culture at DMC allows for this silly quote board full of engineering humor.
June Quote Board
DMC employees on coffee addiction and what Rosetta Stone doesn't teach you.
Every month DMC hosts a Geek Challenge to get your brain burning.
Geek Challenge: Doodle Curve
Are you the geek who can define the curve generated by these straight lines?

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