Geek Challenge: Define the Doodling Curve

Geek Challenge: Define the Doodling Curve

A graph-paper doodle connects each point on the x-axis with a consecutive point on the y-axis with a straight line. Within a defined boundary, the positions on the x-axis move away from the origin as the positions on the y-axis move toward the origin. The resulting shape fills a defined curving boundary with a pretty pattern.

The doodle is pictured here.

The geek challenge for this month is to define the curve generated by these straight lines. Focusing on the lines in the positive x and y quadrant, select the function type that describes the limiting curve assuming the pattern is drawn on a range from 0 to 1 with infinitely dense graph paper.

A zoom in on the curve of the doodle.

Which is the correct formula?

 Possible answers are listed here.

Extra Credit:

Provide the best values of a, b, and c that fully describe the limit equation.  

As always, the answer that shows the best engineering content will be this month’s Geek Challenge winner!

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