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A recap of our favorite parts of NIDays Chicago 2015.

NIDays Chicago Highlights
We recap our favorite moments from NIDays, including LEGO ducks and advanced DAQmx. 
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DMC welcome a new employee at Adler After Dark.

An Out of This World Welcome
DMC Chicago celebrated the arrival of a new employee by partying at the Adler Planetarium.
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DMC hosted the Microsoft Windows 10 at an IAMCP special event.

DMC Hosts Microsoft Team
We previewed Windows 10 with Microsoft and the IAMCP.
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New Heights for DMC Denver
We took our rock climbing skills out of the gym and tackled Clear Creek Canyon.
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Rock climbing at Clear Creek Canyon in Colorado

A guide to data Logging with Siemens S7-1200 PLCs.
Data Logging with S7-1200 PLCs
Read Otto's tips on new ways to log data in Siemens PLCs and HMIs.
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UDP Communication with Beckhoff PLCs
Skip the PC middleman with User Datagram Protocols using Beckhoff's CX.
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November Quote Board
What's with the "D" in "DMC? Our engineers explain this and more.
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Unhandled Costume Exception
There was a bit of miscommunication on our group Halloween costume.
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