SQL Server BI

Business Intelligence

SQL Server BI

Whether you have an existing SQL Server Database or are looking to move your data to a centralized location, DMC can take your database to the next level with Business Intelligence services using SQL Server Reporting Services.

With SSRS you can visualize your data and provide your decision-makers with interactive reports that reflect the data you have already gathered. 

DMC can help design your database implementation to best use the features and functionality of SQL Server, and design reports to your specification to make sense of the newly collected data. We can integrate with third-party APIs to retrieve data from all your systems like QuickBooks, Google Analytics, SharePoint, or any service which can make its data available.   

Once you have integrated your data into a unified data source, DMC can assist you with configuring your reporting service to: 

  • Automatically generate reports and have them emailed to you each day. 
  • Create reports with robust parameters to allow a customized experience for each user. 
  • Create and host a dashboard to get a holistic at-a-glance view of your organization. 

Your needs are unique to your organization; to discuss specifics, please reach out to us here to learn more.  


DMC offers SQL Server BI services from our offices in Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; and New York, New York to customers worldwide.