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Wastewater Plant

Wastewater Facility Management System

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DMC developed systems to log and monitor security access to the wastewater facility and to help manage billing and invoices for the facility's customer accounts.

Program Screen

Program Screen

Report Screen

Report Screen


DMC developed two programs for wastewater plants, working with a client who sells touch panels to waste water treatment facilities. These panels regulated customer access to the wastewater facility and tracked facility usage for billing purposes. The first of the programs developed by DMC communicated with a PLC, managed customer accounts, and transferred account usage and other information from the PLC to a Microsoft Access database file. The second program allowed for report generation based on information in the database, also allowing accounts to be added and managed and prices to be set.

Customer Benefits

  • Lowered facility operating costs by automating formerly manual operations
  • Improved invoicing and accounting with custom billing and reporting account management software
  • Reduced product support costs with rugged, robust software


  • Microsoft Visual Basic®
  • Microsoft Access® database
  • Allen Bradley SLC 5/03
  • OPC Servers
  • Rockwell RSView® and RSLinx®
  • Client/Server database development