Case Studies

LabVIEW Programming


We have developed LabVIEW solutions for hundreds of projects for dozens of customers, including Argonne National Laboratories, Underwriters Laboratories, and Bombardier Recreational Products, to name a few.

DMC has successfully employed LabVIEW in many industries, including product development, R&D, high-tech manufacturing, and test engineering.  Following are a few relevant examples:

Laboratory Automation

Manufacturing Automation

Customer Benefits

Leverage the work we've already done to reduce start-up time now and downtime later.  DMC has a vast, well-tested code library that has been tested and can be used to significantly reduce the development time and risk on YOUR projects. We've also developed LabVIEW tools for additional features such as HTML and PDF reporting, external data viewers, and connection to SQL databases.


DMC are experts with National Instruments products, including the following:


  • PC and Windows-based controllers
    • PC (PXI and PCI)
    • Windows-CE
  • Real-Time and Embedded controllers
  • Data Acquisition and Control platforms
    • PXI and PCI
    • SCXI
    • R-series reconfigurable IO
    • compactDAQ



  • CAN
  • Ethernet, Modbus, DeviceNet
  • Serial communication and custom UART