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Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press Data Logging System

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DMC worked with a manufacturer of specialized high-precision seals and engine bearings to develop a data acquisition system for hydraulic presses.

Main Status Screen

Main Status Screen

Press Data Screen

Press Data Screen


DMC was brought in to replace an out-of-date hydraulic press tracking system.  The old system ran on an antiquated OS and had frequent issues with system crashes and a lack of storage space.  The new system addresses these issues and adds new features such as additional data channels for compatibility with newer presses and improved accuracy of sample times.

The system architecture consists of a central PC running a LabVIEW application which records data from remote field point units on each press.  Prior to starting a job, the operator enters data for the batch and initiates the data acquisition.  A new feature of the system is to detect the beginning of press operation and automatically record data, for the rare occurrence that an operator forgets to initiate acquisition.  This feature protects the customer from scrapping expensive, high-precision parts, which require valid production data for acceptance.  Recorded press data includes temperature, pressure, and stroke length.  Press status for all stations can be viewed, along with data trend graphs.

Customer Benefits

  • Improves productivity with reduction of data loss and down time from crash incidents
  • Reduces risk of expensive scrap with auto data logging feature that ensures quality production proof
  • Recorded production data allows the customer to make process improvements and better production decisions


  • National Instruments LabVIEW 8.6
  • National Instrument FieldPoint
  • NI FP-1001 RS485 Network Modules
  • NI FP-TC-120 Thermocouple Modules
  • NI FP-AI-110 Analog Input Modules
  • NI SP-RLY-420 Relay Output Modules