Case Studies

PLC Open State Diagram

Debugging Programming Platform Software


DMC worked with a major global manufacturer of motion controllers and drives to test and debug their programming platform prior to application release.  DMC developed automated test scripts used to verify the application's function blocks and configuration tools were error free and in compliance with IEC 61131-3 / PLCOpen standards prior to customer release.

QA Wizard Pro Development Environment

QA Wizard Pro Development Environment


DMC's testing ensured that the client's new programming application, an implementation of the IEC 61131-3 / PLCOpen Motion Control Function Blocks Standard, was free of bugs and in compliance with standards prior to release.  DMC developed individual function block tests used to verify the function of the new platform's tools.  System-level testing of the configuration application was also performed.  Tests were created using the QA Wizard Pro Testing Software development environment, and are designed to be used to test future function block and application releases with minimal support from DMC.  DMC's skills as motion control experts and Microsoft .NET Application developers provided us a unique opportunity to test and validate our client's software, improving the end-user experience. 

Customer Benefits

  • Testing assistance allowed a behind-schedule project to be released on time
  • Thorough testing of features ensured a high quality end product, reducing future support costs and improving end customer satisfaction
  • Improved quality consistency from saved test scripts which can be used to test future application releases with the exact same procedures
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership, as existing tests can be modified quickly by in-house engineers for additional test coverage


  • Seapine QA Wizard Pro Testing Software
  • Seapine Test Track
  • Windows Command-line batch scripting