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Embedded Product Development for Industrial Measurement System

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DMC transformed the customer's technical concept into a robust embedded product that could quickly and accurately determine the size and shape of objects within a large measurement area. We provided technical expertise to create a proof-of-concept, which was then translated into a marketable product.

Linux Embedded Single Board Computer

Embedded Linux Single Board Computer


DMC collaborated with the company's internal resources to translate a technical concept into a robust, marketable product. DMC worked with the customer from initial product concept to final deployment. During the research phase, DMC investigated and tested the methodologies and technologies that could best solve our customer’s problem. At the end of this phase, DMC created a proof-of-concept that demonstrated our approach could meet our customer's stringent technical requirements.

Next, DMC focused on product development, which involved creating and testing software algorithms, electrical schematics and mechanical requirements. Numerous additional product features were requested and implemented. DMC successfully transitioned the program over to an embedded computer, which reduced the product's size and power requirements. DMC also optimized the system for reliability, usability and speed by adding robust error handling and a graphical user interface. At the end of this phase, the customer demonstrated the product's functionality at a trade show.

Finally, DMC worked with the customer to validate the product and make it ready for production. The system was tested in real-world scenarios by the customer, which resulted in additional software and hardware modifications. Calibration of the system was streamlined and an algorithm was designed to make the system more robust and able to deal with a variety of lighting conditions. DMC provided training to the customer’s internal resources, enabling them to independently support and modify the system.

Customer Benefits

  • Determined the optimal technologies and approach for the customer's application
  • Developed innovative algorithms tailored to the product requirements
  • Created robust & flexible product, enabling customer's in-house engineers to modify and manage code if desired
  • Quickly responded to customer's change requests, creating additional features as requirements changed


  • Yaskawa & Galil Motion Controllers for Precise Device Positioning
  • Linux Embedded Single Board Computer (SBC)
  • C++ with the Standard Template Library (STL)
  • OpenCV Computer Vision Library
  • GTK User Interface
  • Eclipse Development Environment
  • Microsoft .NET Development Environment
  • Industrial Camera & Laser Line Generator