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Fabric Swatch

Control System for Fabric Swatch Tag Assembly

Posted in Consumer Goods, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence


DMC provided a complete control system upgrade, including new hardware and software components, for a fabric swatch tag assembly machine.  The system uses an eight-station rotary dial table and pneumatic material handling. 


The client's previous antiquated control system was difficult to troubleshoot and maintain due to out-dated components that were no longer supported by the manufacturer or available for replacement.

The client desired a refurbished control system that would be simple-yet-functional, well documented, and easy to maintain.  DMC worked with the client to develop a cost-effective, functional, and maintainable hardware and software architecture.  DMC decommissioned the old controls and installed the new system.  The new control hardware is clean, organized, and well documented.

DMC's new, Horner PLC-based control system exceeded the previous system's performance specifications.  The new control program is organized, flexible, and modular to allow for future enhancements and long-term performance and maintainability.

Operator interface screens were created with a similar "look and feel" to the previous system for a seamless transition for operators from the previous machine controls.  Improved diagnostic and production information was added without disruption to operator controls.

After testing and demonstration of the new controls at the off-site refurbishment location, DMC commissioned the system at the client's facility and stayed on until the machine was in production and operating to the client's satisfaction.

Customer Benefits

  • Improved production speed and accuracy due to new, higher-performing components.
  • Rewiring of machine and provision of system documentation allows for long-term maintainability.
  • Increased machine uptime as a result of upgrading unsupported and unavailable parts.


  • Horner APG Graphical Operator Control Station (OCS)
  • LX300 - CsCAN PLC
  • SmartStix Distributed I/O
  • DC Motor Control
  • Cscape Programming Software
  • CAN Networking