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SharePoint Timesheet Entry Portal

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DMC created a timesheet submission SharePoint site for use by employees of an international corporation to enter weekly timesheets.

Timesheet Entry

Timesheet Entry

User Feedback

User Feedback


This application was developed to provide a web interface through a Microsoft SharePoint portal for weekly timesheet entry.  Employees are able to login to the company SharePoint site and navigate to the time entry page where they can manage their timesheets and projects.

DMC was asked to develop this entire application using only native SharePoint components, such as lists, workflows, and .aspx pages.  To accomplish this, DMC implemented a "State" - "Event" engine, storing state variables in list item columns and triggering events with "On Modify" workflows.  This architecture allowed the novel creation of "For Loops" in SharePoint to automate many of the calculating and management processes.

The site also made use of conditional formatting and views to provide straightforward feedback to users and allow a more interactive experience.  Examples of this include process status displays and contextual menus, which guide users through a virtually mistake-proof usage of the site.

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Customer Benefits

  • Done using only out of the box SharePoint components, not compiled code, at the customer's request
  • Leverages user groups and security permissions to direct different employees to different roles in the process
  • Automates a previously repetitive, manual data compilation process
  • Enforces limits and constraints to user entry
  • Integrated seamlessly with existing SharePoint portal


  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007
  • SAP Business Management Software