Case Studies

Segger Flasher Programming Device

Automated Microcontroller Rework Station

Posted in Consumer Goods, Embedded Development & Programming, LabVIEW, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC worked with a major power tool manufacturer to develop software for an automated rework station. The system is used to calibrate charger circuitry and and update the firmware on the tool.

Fluke Benchtop Multimeter

Fluke Benchtop Multimeter


DMC developed software for an automated rework station. Due to the high volume and critical nature of the rework, the system was designed for throughput, accuracy, and ease of use. Using National Instruments LabVIEW allowed for rapid development and painless device integration. The system utilized a Fluke multimeter for measuring a voltage reference after which the software automatically downloaded the appropriate calibration file. An intuitive user interface allows quick, consistent tests. Since the process is highly automated and the user is guided through every step in the process, operator training is significantly minimized.

Customer Benefits

  • Elimination of operator errors - Fully automated system prevents operator mistakes
  • Improved Throughput - Automated system is significantly faster than manual process
  • Traceability - All rework operations are saved to a log file for later review and analysis


  • ST7 Microcontroller
  • Segger Flasher Programmer
  • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • Fluke Bench top Multimeter
  • RS232 Communications