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Design of Embedded Controls and Communication Vending System

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DMC designed the embedded control system for a revolutionary point of sale vending product and a server application that keeps track of system errors, production numbers, and customers.


DMC designed the embedded controls for a machine that handles a complex, industrial vending process. The system is capable of bagging and sealing product. The control box controls and monitors the entire process, including AC motor control, stepper motor control, and temperature control. It also logs errors and production numbers. 

DMC designed the embedded system with connectivity in mind. The central server is notified of all errors, error resets, and production numbers. The embedded system is also capable of remotely updating its software when new updates and fixes are released. DMC also developed the central server (ASP.NET, Dot Net Nuke based) which logs and displays production numbers and error events, and can be used to update the firmware of all vending machines. 

The high current AC motor lines all have varistor protection circuitry along with fault detection which will detect and log the time and location of any fault. This rugged design protects the system from connection mistakes and other issues in the field.

DMC worked with the customer to develop and revise the board design through several prototype iterations. The system runs on an ARM processor, using the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework and the GHI Embedded Master.

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Customer Benefits

  • Embedded connectivity allows:
    • Instant notification of errors and faults, allowing the customer to keep the machines running and profitable and keep their end customers happy
    • Automatic reporting of production numbers, facilitating faster billing and reducing paperwork overhead
    • Automatic remote firmware updates to instantaneously add new features and other system improvements
  • Fast prototype and production ready embedded system development, allowing the customer a quick time to market
  • Rugged protective design with diagnostic capabilities on high current motor lines