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Automotive Assembly Line Agile Manufacturing System

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DMC implemented an innovative production system for a major tier 1 automotive supplier that resulted in significant cost savings and a tremendous reduction in new plant startup time.

Engine Close View

Engine Close View


Traditional PLC programs utilize hardcoded sequencing logic. Using an object-oriented, recipe-based approach, DMC developed a flexible control system for assembling engines and other automotive components. Sequencing logic is stored in PLC data tables and can be easily edited from the operator interface. Users simply define their production sequence by selecting from a list of predefined, configurable functions. This allows the client to make continuous changes and improvements to their system without the need for a programmer. 

Because the sequencing functionality is not hard-coded, the same software was utilized on multiple production lines that produced completely different products (engines, instrument panels, cooling modules, etc.). This resulted in a huge cost saving when starting up new facilities. In all, DMC implemented the flexible system at three production facilities across the country.

Customer Benefits

  • New line implementation cost and time decreased by 75%
  • Software maintenance and upgrade costs reduced by over 80%
  • Easier code upgrades and future maintainability
  • Reduced training through standardized code at all facilities
  • Integrated in-line and end-of-line verification stations ensured 100% quality


  • Siemens S7 416 PLC with Ethernet
  • Siemens MP 370 HMI
  • Profibus ET200 Remote I/O