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SharePoint Billing Workflow Wizard and Dashboards

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DMC created an administrative SharePoint dashboard for finance users at a major international corporation to allow project management, review of timesheets, and the billing of time entries directly to their existing SAP system.

Workflow Wizard Inferface

Workflow Wizard Inferface

Project Funding Dashboard

Project Funding Dashboard

Billing Dashboard

Billing Dashboard


DMC was able to create a SharePoint administrative interface for use by finance personnel.  This interface was built into the company's SharePoint portal to serve as the link between employee time sheets also hosted on SharePoint, and the corporate SAP billing software.

The interface compiles hundreds of time entries each week into a single file that can be reviewed by a finance manager.  The manager can then process the employee hours for billing based on the budgets provided by SAP.  The manager can also override hours to approve and reject funding as appropriate.  This is all carried out by a workflow that has been given a "wizard" interface to walk the user through the process and automate large portions of the approval process.

Finally, managers can also pull up various dashboards that show project funding status and employee utilization.  From here, managers are also able to open and close projects for billing, create new projects linked to SAP, and create internal projects not linked to SAP.

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Customer Benefits

  • Provides dashboards for project funding
  • Allows managers to activate and deactivate projects for billing
  • Compiles data from hundreds of individual time sheets into 1 place where a single admin can process them quickly and easily
  • Integrated seamlessly with existing SharePoint portal
  • Interfaces with existing corporate software packages, including SAP


  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007
  • SAP Business Management Software