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Proton Beam Positioner

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DMC worked with a medical treatment company to develop a positioning system for their proton beam treatment device.

177 DP Mobile Panel

177 DP Mobile Panel


DMC developed a positioning system which was able to position a proton beam with very high precision over a patient.  This positioning could be accomplished automatically by a supervisory control system or manually using the Mobile Panel.

Safety PLC functions were implemented to allow the system to be easily integrated into the required safeties for the proton beam treatment chamber.  Due to the nature of human treatment, the system had to be designed to gracefully recover from the safety system being triggered in the course of treatement.  As a result, the motion system can retain its position in all cases except a mechanical motion failure or complete power loss.  This allows for quick resumption of treatement after resolution of any immediate patient issues.

Customer Benefits

  • Safety PLC allows for simplified wiring and flexible handling of safety circuit operation.
  • Mobile panel allows operator to control the positioner while near the patient.
  • Ethernet based position commands allow position to be automatically controlled by the supervisory system.
  • Siemens motor, motion controller, power unit, PLC and HMI allow for a seamlessly integrated motion system.
  • Positioning retained if stop is required between moves.


  • Step7
  • Sinamics S120 AC Drive
  • CU310 DP Motion control unit
  • S7-315F Safety PLC
  • Mobile Panel 177 DP portable HMI
  • 11.5 kW, 2000 RPM Siemens motor