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Siemens PLC Communication via GPRS GSM Cellular Modem

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DMC developed a solution for a remote monitoring and control station using the Siemens automation platform. The station required two-way communication via a cellular modem. The remote station would be used to remotely control physical I/O as well as log process data for monitoring at a central location.


DMC utilized the Siemens Simatic S7-1200 PLC and Siemens Sinaut MD720 GPRS GSM cellular modem. The system is able to send data from the PLC (through the cellular network) to the Siemens Sinaut Micro SC OPC server, and view the data on multiple OPC clients such as a WinCC Flexible HMI. The system is also able to send data back to the PLC using the same connection. This permits operator control of remote systems via a cellular network which can save significant amounts of time and money for certain systems that are not easily accessible.

Sinaut Micro SC OPC                                                                                                                                   Test Setup Screen

WinCC Flex Data from Sinaut OPC

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Customer Benefits

  • The customer was able to verify the operation of the technology before implementing it on hundreds of field units.
  • The customer was able to use the latest technology - a new PLC platform with a cellular modem code library that was recently released.
  • One PLC controller can control the local equipment, log process data, and communicate through the cellular network.