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SharePoint Collaboration Portal with LCDs to Showcase KPI Dashboards

SharePoint Dashboard
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DMC implemented a Microsoft SharePoint enterprise collaboration portal and automated Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard solution for GAM, a global manufacturer of high precision gear reducers, servo couplings and linear slide kits.  GAM’s SharePoint dashboards are not only shared with employees via the new portal, but they are also showcased on multiple LCD screens in the back office and shop floor for all employees to see.

"Working with DMC to implement SharePoint Services and KPI's was excellent," states GAM President, Craig Van den Avont.  "DMC coordinated the project and minimized the level of work required on our side.  In the end the project was completed on time, within budget, and correctly."

SharePoint Dashboard

GAM Dashboard

SharePoint Dashboard

GAM Dashboard


GAM turned to DMC for help in addressing their need to reduce time-consuming data reporting activities, improve tracking and measurement of company goals, and simplify communication & collaboration across the business.  Using Microsoft SharePoint as the foundation for the solution, DMC implemented an enterprise collaboration portal with KPI dashboards to automatically blend data from multiple systems and create an easy way to track and share progress towards achieving company goals.  Showcasing the SharePoint dashboards on LCD screens in the back office and on the shop floor have greatly increased employee awareness of KPI targets and overall improvement in operational and sales performance.

DMC began the project with a portal taxonomy planning session to define the content structure and navigation for the new portal.  Roles and access levels for each area of the new portal were also defined up-front.  Standardized project and business activity templates were also designed so that business users could instantly create new sites to track tasks and documentation associated with new enterprise and departmental initiatives.

SharePoint portal planning was followed by a KPI workshop where DMC facilitated the definition and visualization requirements for GAM’s KPIs.  DMC then mapped the KPI requirements to GAM’s existing systems and designed the interfaces that would be required to track the following KPIs:

  • Requested Lead Time vs. Actual Lead Time
  • On Time Delivery % vs. Goal
  • Error Rate vs. Goal
  • Cost of Goods Sold vs. Goal
  • Inventory in Stock vs. Goal
  • Slow Moving Inventory Sold vs. Goal
  • Avg. Order Per Day vs. Goal
  • Actual Sales vs. Goal
  • Orders Taken vs. Goal
  • Orders Shipping Today
  • Accounts Receivable Aging
  • New Opportunities vs. Goal
  • Leads not Followed-up

"The programming of the KPI's required accessing multiple data sources and DMC managed it and the queries well," says Van den Avont.  "The KPI's allow everyone at the company to see data relevant to their area and also data pertaining to the overall company.  It's allowed everyone to be tuned into our overall performance."

GAM business users have full control over the visualization of KPIs with DMC’s easy-to-use Flex Chart web parts for SharePoint.  DMC’s Flex Chart allows authorized business users to adjust timescales (by day, by week, by month, etc.), display control options (e.g. graph types, colors, labels, etc.), target goal values, and KPI color-coding.  This flexible visualization makes it easy for all employees to understand and interpret the GAM dashboards almost instantly.  Employees can even create personal dashboards that adjust KPI visualization to suit their personal preferences.

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Customer Benefits

  • High-visibility LCD dashboards foster open communication and motivate GAM’s teams to achieve company goals
  • Automated data aggregation blends real-time data with historical data from multiple systems (Accounting, CRM, Operations, Lead Generation) saves time and provides GAM with a holistic view of the business
  • Color-coded KPIs are easy to interpret, allowing GAM to manage by exception which saves lots of time
  • Easy to configure dashboards give GAM’s business users control over visualization of KPIs, which reduces dependence on IT resources and allows management to quickly adjust to changes in the business environment
  • Easy to use portal features have improved collaboration and communication across departments
  • Document version control has cut down on confusion and reduced email clutter
  • A centralized search center allows all employees to instantly locate content stored in SharePoint and on network drives, which saves everyone time and makes them more productive
  • Wikis provide GAM employees with an easy way to find and maintain standard operating procedures & best practices, which has improved operational efficiency and effectiveness


  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0)
  • DMC Flex Chart Web Parts
  • Search Server Express 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • FrontRange GoldMine CRM
  • Microsoft Access