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Multiplexer System for Data Collection

Custom Relay Multiplexer System for High Channel Count Data Acquisition

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DMC designed and developed a relay-based multiplexing system for a Client's large-channel-count data acquisition system. For this project DMC was required to produce a reliable, yet low-cost, system to make current and voltage measurements using a high accuracy Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) on over 200 signal lines with 1kV isolation.

Multiplexer Card PCB Electrical Schematic

PCB Electrical Schematic

Multiplexer For BMS Testing

Multiplexer For BMS Testing

Custom Multiplexer System Cards

Multiplexer System Cards


DMC started this project by exploring existing commercial solutions for DMM multiplexing and found that these systems were either outside of the Client budget, and/or did not provide the 1kV isolation required for the application. As a result, DMC leveraged its printed circuit board (PCB) design and development expertise to manufacture several custom printed circuit boards to provide the required performance within the Client’s budget. These PCBs were assembled in a standard rack mount card cage to provide a single, compact and integrated multiplexing solution for the Client’s data acquisition system.

Overall this custom fixture approach saved our Client time, complexity, and costs over an off the shelf solutions.

Customer Benefits

  • Lower Hardware Costs -- versus off-the-shelf solutions, especially for repeat systems.
  • Compact Size -- afforded by integrating signal routing and relays on a single PCB.
  • Improved Performance  -- by providing the required 1kV isolation into the design.
  • Shorter Lead Time -- compared to commercial solutions with 4-6 week delivery times.