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Allen-Bradley Safety PLC Implementation

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DMC implemented the Safety logic in an Allen-Bradley safety PLC for an engine casting process for a major automotive OEM.


Our customer was familiar with Allen-Bradley PLC Programming but had never programmed safety logic. DMC collaborated with our customer and provided safety logic programming services while our customer developed the main system logic.  DMC provided training throughout the development and commissioning time so that the customer could support the program on their own.

The system had several E-Stop circuits, several safety zones which were controlled separately, basic VFD Safety (Safe Torque Off control), and safety gates which when properly entered allows for limited safe manual operation of the equipment.  This safety strategy allowed the end-user to operate functions and perform maintenance in hazardous areas while allowing the rest of the unaffected equipment to function. DMC used the Allen-Bradley Safety-Certified Instructions in RSLogix 5000 as well as custom logic to complete this program. The final safety hardware and software implementation met SIL3 requirements. 

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Customer Benefits

  • Decreased downtime at their customer's facility by using advanced safety controls to isolate some of the equipment while allowing the rest of the equipment to continue to operate.
  • Decreased code development time for our customer by allocating the portion of the code they were less experienced writing to DMC's engineers with the needed experience.
  • The training that was provided throughout the project allowed the customer to gain the necessary knowledge to make future modifications, thus reducing the cost of future support.
  • The safety logic includes a safety signature and password so our customer could feel secure that the safety logic they implemented will not be changed without their knowledge.


  • GuardLogix Integrated Safety System
  • RSLogix 5000
  • ControlLogix5562S Safety Controller
  • FactoryTalk View ME