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Mechanical Components

Motion Components Analysis and Optimization

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DMC performed motion equipment analysis during the development phase for a high-precision laboratory instrument resulting in optimum selection and enabling automated characterization of each unit.


DMC assisted a customer in the development phase of a high precision laboratory instrument product.  DMC performed quantative analysis on different hardware options provided by the customer.  These results were used by the customer to select the best option on a price/performance tradeoff.  DMC developed a method of collecting and analyzing motion data on a multi-dimensional experiment to determine the optimum servo tuning for different operating ranges.  This method will become part of the product software to allow the customer to individually characterize each instrument, and to perform re-characterization in the field.

Customer Benefits

  • Optimized Component Selection
  • Individual Characterization Per Instrument


  • Linear servo
  • Stepper Motors
  • Galil Motion Control
  • Visual Studio Dot Net
  • Microsoft Reporting Services