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MotionWorks IEC 2

Electronic Gearing with the Yaskawa MP2600 and A1000

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DMC worked with an OEM machine builder to program the controls for their 2-axis high-speed flying cutting machine.

Yaskawa A1000 Drive

Yaskawa A1000 Drive

Yaskawa MP2600 Controller

Yaskawa MP2600 Controller


The system uses a Yaskawa MP2600 as the central control unit, handling all system logic.  The single axis controller drives a Sigma-5 that is electronic geared to an encoder on a Yaskawa A1000 VFD-driven motor.  The electronic gearing allows for very precise, accurate cuts.

The MP2600 communicates to the Exor HMI through Modbus TCP.  The HMI allows flexibility and configurability to match many end applications: speed, length, units (metric/English) can all be adjusted.

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Customer Benefits

  • Electronic gearing allows for highly accurate parts to be manufactured
  • Configurability allows the system to be sold to a variety of different industries, markets, and applications
  • Modular coding allows for easy future updates to the program