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Bottling Operation with Yaskawa MP2600iec

Posted in Food and Beverage, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, Motion Control, PLC Programming


DMC implemented the lane switching logic on a fruit juice company's bottling and packaging operation.

Yaskawa MP2600iec Controller

Yaskawa MP2600iec Controller


The bottling and packaging operation ends with an operation that places fruit juice bottles in parallel lanes, in a square configuration for easy automated boxing.  A photo eye counts bottles as they go through the lane changing chute.  Once the appropriate count of bottles has been placed in a lane, the Sigma-5 drives the lane change chute to the next lane.

The number of lanes used is configurable to allow for different sized boxes.

Customer Benefits

  • Automated process allows increased production throughput and reduced labor costs
  • Configurable number of lanes used allows for switching between different sized boxes