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DXF Import Application for 2D Wire Bending Machines

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DMC worked with AIM, Inc. to develop custom software for wire bending machines. AIM, Inc. developed the Smart Editor computer tool to simplify interfacing with the machinery. Their technology makes the transition from design to manufacturing quick and easy.

DMC created a custom .NET application to import a DXF file with many parts into Smart Editor. This DXF Batch Importer modifies part geometry and automatically orients all the parts onto the XY-plane so that they can be manufactured with a 2D wire bender.  It can also automatically divide larger parts into smaller parts through a process called “chipping” in order to further simplify the manufacturing process.


DMC developed the DXF Batch Importer tool to make the wire-bending manufacturing process more efficient.  Instead of importing one part at a time, the tool allows the operator to import many parts in one file. Usually when a designer has created a file with many parts, the parts will be on several different planes. Once the parts are imported into Smart Editor, rather than having the designer go through the parts and move them onto the XY-plane, the tool orients all the parts onto the correct plane.

During the import process, the operator has the option to input parameters to make the parts machine-compliant: the parameters for wire-bending machines are lengths (corresponding to the length of metal between bends) and angles (corresponding to the amount of bend needed). Therefore, the machine has a lower-limit to the length, as well as limits to the maximum and minimum bends that it can or should make. After importing the parts, the operator specifies these lengths and angles in the DXF Batch Importer instead of correcting them in Smart Editor.

The DXF Batch Importer includes a “Generate Chips” option for large CAD designs, because wire-bending machines work best with short pieces.  When a DXF file includes parts that span beyond feet, it is advantageous to split the parts into shorter pieces, which are also easier to reassemble. Typically, a designer needs to edit the file and create new, smaller pieces that become chips of the overall design. However, when using the Importer tool, the designer only needs to specify which parts are the borders for the chips. The tool uses this information to define cutting lines that divide all the parts and to then rename them. 

Customer Benefits

  • Reduces design time by automating the process of orienting parts on the correct plane. This allows for many parts in one file, with the ability to split larger parts into smaller parts if desired.
  • Reduces operator time by automatically filtering the parts to be compliant with the wire bending machine.
  • Reduces design and operating time by automatically grouping all parts in a specific chip with a common part in the name.


  • AIM, Inc. Smart Editor
  • .NET Application Development
  • CadLib 3.5 – DWG DXF .NET Library