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Concrete Load Test

Structural Connector Loading System

Posted in LabVIEW, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC modernized the client’s existing test & measurement software to allow for additional lifespan, flexibility, and improved datalogging. This also included a complete interface remodel, giving the software a clean, professional, and functional look. The most important information is displayed prominently for the user, and previously inaccessible test history is now visible. The new DMC application builds on the older software’s architecture in order to preserve the familiar program flow and to keep costs low for the client.


DMC delivered software, based on the previous version as well as on the specifications provided by the client, which collects data on the performance of structural connectors. The software collects and processes loading data during an automated test, presenting the most critical data in an intuitive and highly visible way. This level of efficiency leaves operators available to conduct simultaneous tests or other lab tasks. Previous versions of the software used a DAQ unit that was obsolete and did not provide functionality supported out-of-the-box by National Instruments’ Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). Replacing the DAQ unit with NI’s USB-6210 was a very simple and cost-effective way to access MAX’s features and make the most of the newest LabVIEW release. Lab operators can now set up multiple DAQ tasks in advance, with different custom calibrations, limits, channels, etc., and they can simply choose which task to use at runtime. After a test is complete, the data is written to a disk in their preferred custom format, but now includes several metadata fields important for accurately characterizing each test. All of these improvements have extended the life of the test-bench, and is a first step toward modernizing the lab and unifying the software on disparate test equipment.

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Customer Benefits

•    Drop-in replacement of existing software produces test output in a format that meshes with the client’s workflow
•    Modernized and future-proofed software extends the lifetime of the test-bench
•    Improved interface is cleaner and more user-friendly than the previous version, and it displays important information prominently for the operator
•    Metadata can now be added to raw test data to improve the lab’s datalogging capability
•    Customized test parameters provide a more flexible system
•    Accessible channel configuration permits the user to calibrate DAQ channels and choose different configurations for different tests


•    National Instruments LabVIEW
•    National Instruments Measurement & Automation Explorer
•    National Instruments USB-6210 multifunction DAQ
•    Microsoft Windows X