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FactoryTalk Metrics OEE Reporting and Production Monitoring

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DMC implemented a Rockwell FactoryTalk Metrics production monitoring and reporting system for an automotive supplier. FactoryTalk Metrics was configured to interface with the Allen-Bradley PLCs that control their production lines. DMC used SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to customize data collections and reporting to fit the client challenges and needs. The end solution included real-time emailing of reports to key personnel.


DMC configured the system to collect data on several vital production lines. Data collection and custom reporting were programmed using SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services to fit the client's needs. 

The system allows the client to pinpoint major areas of improvement in terms of updating their processes, training their operators, fixing the machine, and reducing downtime and errors. The client receives real-time, long-term feedback, allowing them to both recognize urgent problems and collect consistent data to focus improvement efforts on the lowest performing areas.

One key feature that DMC implemented is the delivery of key reports via email. This ensures that designated individuals are made aware of any performance deviations, such as system production, immediately. DMC continues ongoing work with this client to improve the system's ability to accurately collect and categorize data that includes accounting, OEE, downtime monitoring, and production statistics.

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Customer Benefits

  • Data on key lines was made available
  • Decisions can be made at-a-glance
  • Email updates provide immediate reporting
  • Long-term feedback is applied to address continuous fixes
  • Reduced down-time and error
  • Visualizations present easy-to-read data