Case Studies

MES Recipe Management and SCADA Control System

Posted in Allen Bradley PLC, Chemical, HMI and SCADA, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, MES, PLC Programming


DMC implemented a Wonderware SCADA and MES system for several chemical manufacturing lines. The system features a centralized recipe management system. The end result was a consistent product with reduced quality control issues.


DMC's client was a chemical manufacturer seeking consistency and security in its recipes and production lines. A Wonderware SCADA and MES system was implemented to control the client's Allen-Bradley PLC lines. The system was responsible for attaining data from a centralized SQL Server system and using that data to drive several different chemical production lines. PCs running Wonderware were used as the front-end interface to the Allen-Bradley control. The recipe management system made line configuration and setup simple with little opportunity for error. This centralized system guaranteed security and uniformity across recipes. 

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Customer Benefits

  • Different recipes guaranteed to be consistent
  • Recipes all secured under one central change control system