Case Studies


Gas Compression System for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Posted in Allen Bradley PLC, HMI and SCADA, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, Oil and Gas Engineering, PLC Programming


DMC worked with a leader in the gas compression industry to expand a custom gas compression system for enhanced oil recovery. The existing PLC program and I/O was extended to increase total capacity by bringing another compressor online.



Rockwell Flex I/O


The client approached DMC with a functioning and operational system that they wished to expand. DMC took the existing code and architecture and added increased functionality and capacity through the addition of a remote rack for the new compressor skid. DMC also developed custom locked Add-On Instructions to protect proprietary information. This allows end users to view most of the code, facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting, while protecting sensitive information.

Rockwell’s Flex I/O was used to add additional skids (controlled from the current PLC) to the existing installation via redundant ControlNet communication. DMC worked with the client to facilitate a smooth commissioning through I/O checkout and Factory Acceptance Testing as well onsite commissioning support to bring the system online.

Customer Benefits

  • Increased total capacity by adding an additional compressor to the control system
  • Password Protected AOIs allows proprietary code to be installed with end clients while protecting intellectual property
  • Use of remote I/O minimizes wiring and hardware setup time and reduces long wire runs, minimizing long term maintenance requirements


  • ControlNet
  • ControlLogix PLC
  • Custom Add On Instructions (AOI)
  • FactoryTalk View
  • Flex I/O
  • PanelView Plus Terminals
  • Redundant communication
  • RS Logix 5000
  • RS Networx