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Factory-Wide MES Data Collection System

Posted in Business Intelligence, Digital Workplace Solutions, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, MES


DMC implemented an extensive data collection system for a client in the confectionary industry. The resulting system allows the client a closer lens into their processes with automated data aggregation.  


DMC's client hired an efficiency expert to determine bandwidth limitations and waste reduction opportunities in their process. DMC was hired to implement a large-scale data collection system along with these findings. The client wanted the ability to measure downtime across different locations, shifts, operators, and product types. Automatically sorting through this immense amount of data in various ways would enable the client to pinpoint areas where they might improve operations.

After determining what kinds of data were available, DMC configured an extensive data collection system to automatically acquire the desired data using Rockwell FactoryTalk Metrics over seven different lines. Additionally, the system can perform immediate analysis on the data to see why machines were experiencing downtime, for how long, and whether the downtime was avoidable. For example, the client is now able to pinpoint the specific issues behind one machine slowing down the entire process.

The new system also allows aggregates human data. Operator comments are now standardized and automatically sorted, offering more accurate holistic system insight.

As a result, the client is happy to closely monitor their process in a more automated way. The capacity to view their data at-a-glance in a variety of ways has improved both their quick diagnosis of immediate issues and the ability to monitor system trends over time. 

Customer Benefits

  • Increased opportunities to pinpoint inefficiencies
  • Reduced system downtime 
  • Trending reports by day, month, week, or yearly time spans


  • Rockwell FactoryTalk Metrics 
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk Historian 
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk Transaction Manager
  • Microsoft SQL Server + SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)