Case Studies

Bluetooth Connectivity for Consumer Product Lines

Posted in Application Development, Consumer Goods, Embedded Development & Programming, Internet of Things (IoT)


DMC helped several consumer products companies integrate bluetooth connectivity into their existing product lines by leveraging embedded development and programming experience to develop a proof-of-concept.


DMC has worked with several manufacturers of consumer products, ranging from apparel to medical supplies, to add Bluetooth connectivity to existing devices. In each case, DMC has implemented minor intelligence functionality to a product that normally would not have connectivity.

Leveraging a pre-certified Bluegiga module, DMC developed firmware and module profiles to meet system capability requirements. DMC also developed cross-platform applications designed to interface with these specific modules and provide the desired functionality.

The result is expanded functionality for these everyday devices and a foray for DMC's clients into the Internet of Things (IoT). Through developing a proof-of-concept, DMC helped these clients become exposed to new technologies and learn how to integrate them into their existing products. While they wouldn't traditionally be considered technology companies, these clients can now segue into the tech market with Bluetooth connectivity and associated apps that help them stand out in the market. 

Customer Benefits

  • Added intelligence and functionality that didn't previously exist
  • Data reporting and recording services
  • Improved existing capabilities and user experience
  • Increased brand recognition with leading-edge technology


  • Bluegiga Bluetooth Module
  • Xamarin