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Wireless Filtration Monitoring System

Posted in Application Development, Azure, Digital Workplace Solutions, Embedded Development & Programming, Internet of Things (IoT)


A client in the water treatment industry hired DMC to design a system allowing customers to manage water filtration systems across multiple locations. DMC developed a system to collect data from each filtration system and monitor their health both locally and remotely through the internet.


DMC's client needed a system to manage the health of water filtration systems and monitor water usage for a specific system and location. The goal was develop an IoT solution to notify customers when a filter in their system needed to be replaced, as well as to optimize water usage based on data collected from across the location. 

DMC developed a system consisting of several low cost wireless nodes at each station to collect pressure and flow data and send it periodically back to a central gateway.  The gateway manages the local wireless network, displays basic statistics and warnings to the customer as well as transmits the data up to a central cloud database for customer viewing. DMC was responsible for the electronics design and firmware of both the nodes and gateway as well as development of the cloud backend and user portal.

As a result, customers have visibility into individual systems as well as the entire location, enabling them to better manage maintenance on the filter systems. The central database and user portal are running on Microsoft's Azure cloud service, so it will easily scale as its use grows. 

Customer Benefits

  • Automated data collection
  • Maintenance prediction and tracking
  • Reduced maintenance costs


  • Altium
  • Amtel ARM Processor
  • Microchip PIC Processor
  • Bluegiga Wi-Fi Module
  • Microchip MIWI Wireless Network
  • Sub-GHz Wireless Communication
  • Microsoft Azure